Instantly Place and Tour Models directly in your yard for free.

Real time tours in real space in your yard. Helping you know all of your options and find what's going to work best for your situation. One size does not fit all, find what fits for you!

How it works.

Browse dwelling options

Download the app for free and browse a wide variety of dwelling options, from custom architecture plans to modern modular, we've got it covered.

Go to your yard and place

Once you've found an dwelling that you are interested in, go to your yard and "try it on" for size. Hold up your smart phone and place your model directly in your yard. Don't like it? No prob! Instantly try another one!

Get it Right

Many models come with a vareity of options. Explore your size, color and texture options all right from the start.

Who is Ohana AR for?

Ohana AR brings together homeowners, architects and builders that make it all happen.

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Discover what will work for you

This is a really exciting time for homeowners. You have the opportunity to let your property help pay for itself. There is a great deal of innovation going on right now in the construction industry. Discover what is available and what is going to work best for your particular situation.

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