Adapting and evolving to meet the needs of customers

As you know, businesses today are having to adapt to a new way of life and evolve to meet the needs of customers and staff all over the country. In-person interactions are limited, and the work-from-home model is ever expanding.

That’s why we developed a digital platform that allows you to bring your designs and models to life in mixed reality. A smart, simple way to browse backyard build models and turn them instantly into 3D full scale models right on their smartphone or tablet.  

Benefits to your company

Cutting Edge
Prospecting Tool

Enabling buyers to experience and fall in love with your models, while highlighting what makes your model the perfect fit for their needs.

Laser Focused
Targeted Exposure

Our marketing exclusively focuses on buyers of backyard build options.  

Educated and Pre-Qualified Buyers

Getting buyers and builders on the same page before the project starts, giving buyers confidence to make important buying decisions.

Benefits to your clients

Search & tour full size models right front their home

Building an ADU or backyard structure is a big decision. Ohana give buyers the confidence to know what the structure will look like in their yard.

Virtually walk around and in models

Ohana AR allows users to quickly and easily find and essentially “try on” or tour multiple models to find what is going to work best for them.

Saving clients time & money

Finding what fits upfront to save clients time and money in the build process.  Being able to see the end result from the start will help to reduce costly mid project design changes.

Join us in creating a more efficient building process for both builders and buyers.

Saving time, money and resources.

Easy to get your model uploaded

Builder can submit model information and design files to be uploaded on both the website and mobile app, to create an number of interactive, augmented reality and 3D visuals.”

We do the heavy lifting

The Ohana team is made up of 3D &AR experts. We are able to take you CAD or design files and turn them into

Visual technology that brings models to life.

Today’s customers have higher visual expectations than ever. We deliver an unrivaled model experience that truly brings your models to life and show the full potential of what you build.

Building Confidence

Boost shopper confidence with the ultimate sales tool. Let users put your customizable products in their space in real-time

Smarter Construction and Housing Efficiency

We genuinely believe in the goals of ADU’s, smaller dwelling units, and more efficient building practices and are constantly on the search for sustainable and smart construction.

This website and app was created to not only to partner with other companies that hold similar sustainable values, but also to help make the process more efficient from the start. Being able to see the structure upfront helps both builders and consumers make decisions in the beginning that can save time and resources, cutting down on waste, both natural resources and monetary.

Find out more about the app

Ohana...Isn't that Hawaiian?

In the Hawaiian language there a usually multiple meanings for a single word. For example, “Aloha”, means both hello, good bye and love.

Ohana also has several meanings.   ʻOhana' is a Hawaiian term meaning "family" (including blood-related, adoptive or intentional). In contemporary Hawaiian jargon, an "Ohana Unit" is a type of secondary suite. It is a part of a house or a separate structure on the same property.

Here at Ohana AR we chose a Hawaiian term for the name of the app because this is more than just technology, it is about family, community, and hospitality. All attributes that the Hawaiian culture possess. When you build a “Ohana Suite” or ADU, or granny suite you are bring someone onto your property, whether that be your aging parents, or an adult child or it is used as a rental unit.