Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a certain type of smartphone to use this app?

Most of the newer Android, iphone and ipads will work just fine. The newer iphone and the ipad Pro will work best with the app, as Apple has integrated a lot of AR features into their devises. The newest ipad Pro has a lidar camera built in which make it perfect for AR applications.

How much does the app cost to download?

It's totally free for homeowners to use.

What if I'm having a hard time seeing the model in full sunlight?

Viewing your device in partial shade is ideal, as it's hard to see the screen in full sunlight. You can either add full brightness to your settings or view in the morning or later in the afternoon when there isn't full sunlight. This app will not work in the dark, so there needs to be some light for the camera to read the surrounding to place the model

 My phone is having a hard time tracking the model

There can be several reasons for this. 1. Make sure your phone has sufficient memory. As in most AR applications the complexity of the application can be somewhat draining on the phone's operating system. 2. Another reason it might not track well is there isn't enough contrast or data points for the camera to analysis.  Make sure there are specific points that the camera a help the app triangulate the model's position.

Can we add a specific plan to the app to view it in the yard?

Please send any specific requests to: There are several steps that have to be taken to upload a model onto the app. Depending on what file type you have the model in will determine if it's easily possible or more complicated to upload. Regardless we can help you figure it out.

Can I request a new feature?

We are always looking to make this the most useful app of Dwelling Explorers. Please send any ideas or features requests to