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Make building decisions faster and with more confidence.

How to use

Ohana VR Experience

VR Features
Saving buyers time and money
Compelling immersive walkthroughs

Still renderings and videos are great, but neither can convey the sense of space and scale that VR can.

Improved Design flow

Personalize and instantly visualize how the model will look once built. Viewing in VR allows you to notice things you wouldn't in a 2D plan or image.

Getting on the same page fast

Rather than going back and forth with clients on certain details, one trip through the project in VR brings up any issues instantly which can be resolved there and then

Have any questions?

Common Questions

What headset do I need for this?

We recommend the Oculus Quest 2, but any of the major headsets will work

What if I don't have a headset?

Ohana has a headset rental program available. Please contact us to find out more about our headset rental program.

Is this a Matterport experience?

No, Matterports capture what is already built. Ohana VR experiences are to show you what could be built.

Is this a 360° / panorama image?

No, Ohana VR experiences are 3D models shown in virtual reality. We us 3D models, not 360° images because it give the user a more realistic interactive experience.