Modular 8' x 22' on wheels

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Our new 8' x 22' Tiny home comes fully finished out and ready to go. It is also customizable to fit your needs. Price listed is for the build in pictures.

Our Process

The best Way to start a build is to figure out the floorplan. We can help in designing a floor plan, but it is best if you have a pretty good idea of what you want. After we have a floorplan and any other custom details locked in, we can provide a total price on the build.

Once we get the go-ahead on the build, we wright up a contract that includes everything we will be doing and the material list. You can normally figure on a 2-3 month lead time.


For our payment process we do a 10% deposit when we sign the the contract to hold a spot in line, a 40% deposit when we start construction, and the final 50% is paid at delivery if we arrange delivery. For payment method we take checks or PayPal.

We are currently not set up for any kind of financing.


Buildings on skids can be delivered and set up for about $4-6 a mile depending on size. They can either be placed on blocks or if you want a more permanent foundation you can have a footer poured.

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Modular 8' x 22' on wheels
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