The Customized Backyard Build Journey

Interactive content is key in today’s backyard home building journey. Ohana AR created truly immersive content to help buyers discover what is going to work best for them. Whether that is exploring design styles, sizes, build features or finishes in 3D.

Ohana AR's website and mobile app help guide buyers on a journey that allows them to discover what exactly they want to build in their backyard.

A backyard build can be an intimidating and complex process to most people (being that most people haven't done it before) and giving them a look into what they can expect when it’s completed helps get everyone on that important same page and comfortable with the build.

At Ohana AR we are always looking for new ways to zap the complexity out of backyard builds by demystifying the ADU/ backyard build process through creating a more transparent, informed and defined process.

Building a backyard home or structure is a big commitment in both time, space and money for most. People looking to successfully complete the build are typically high verifiers - meaning that they want to touch, see, tour, or compare what they are looking to build.

Traditional two-dimensional product photography (or renderings) are simply not enough to satisfy their needs. Customers run into challenges determining the size of model, and whether the model would fit in their space and what the end product will look like finished. Luckily the backyard tools that Ohana AR gives to buyers allows them to quickly and easily answer those important questions.

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