6 Superb Spacy-Savvy Ideas For Tiny Homes

Owning a tiny home — or an Accessory Dwelling Unit for that matter — has a charm of its own. It is easy to clean, inexpensive to decorate, and super cozy when done right. 

But it comes with its challenges, too. You’re often running short of space and struggling to keep things in place, creating clutter and feelings of confinement. 

If the dream of a bigger home is getting the better of you, you’re probably not doing it right with the setup. After all, nothing beats the vibe of tiny homes!

In that regard, we have just the solution for you — keep reading to discover 6 super space-savvy ideas for tiny homes, so you have a seemingly spacious setting even in a small home!

Utilize The Space Under Stairs

If you have a staircase in your tiny home, it’s time to make that extra room functional! This ensures no space goes to waste (and it doesn’t even compromise on the aesthetics).

Install storage drawers under the stairs — preferably sliding ones. These help keep unsightly items kept away but close to reach. Plus, it’ll make up for the less closet space in your tiny home. Talk about double-duty!

You can also be more creative and transform the under-stairs space into a cozy reading nook or install a wooden shelf to make it into a small workstation. With just a few mounted shelves and storage bins, you can even create a kitchen pantry in the area! 

Fill Up The Space Above Cabinets

The secret to success with tiny homes is carefully using any available space — even the area above cabinets!

Go around your house looking for such spots, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. You can then make use of this space by placing decorative baskets and storage bins, which are fantastic to store items that you need less often. You can even go for metal containers with lids for the extra aesthetic.

Pro tip: For uncovered storage bins, be sure to fill them beneath the upper rim. Items flowing over and showing from the top create visual clutter!

Mount Shelves Where You Can

There’s no wall that can’t make do with shelves. If done correctly, extra shelving provides storage space while adding to the beauty of the room.

Mount horizontal planks onto empty walls and top them with presentable items. Bonus points if you can fit in a decorative piece (or two). 

For super small spaces such as bathrooms, corner shelves can serve the purpose. These are usually stacked, one on top of the other, in the corner(s). You can use them for storing toiletries and perfumes — basically anything you need to keep in an accessible spot. 

Work Smartly In The Kitchen

The kitchen is one spot that needs to store a gazillion things, so you have to devise smart storage solutions for it.

Mount rods onto vacant walls and hang mugs, scrub brushes, and utensils from it, using S-shaped clips where necessary. You can even hang items, such as pots and pans, from the ceiling (yup, it’s a thing!) to free up countertop space. Just be sure to hang the items near walls — free-hanging ones from the center of the ceiling could potentially ruin your ambiance!

Be Careful With The Lighting

This one’s a visually spacy-savvy idea — container homes should be well-lit, as a brighter area creates an illusion of more space.

Our favorite way in this regard is by allowing in lots of natural light. You can ensure this by clearing out any obstructions in front of windows, so the light entering isn’t blocked. Using frosted glass for doors is another great idea. 

Additionally, you can install a handful of mirrors. These reflect (bounce off) light, making the space brighter. The same purpose can be enhanced by using light hues for the walls.

Other fantastic ways to increase indoor lighting in tiny homes are by using pendant lamps, sconces, and simple metal chandeliers. If you’re on the hunt for something more unique, consider shelf lamps — they illuminate the space while providing extra storage space, too!

Storage Murphy Bed

Incorporate Multifunctional Furniture

The final contender for our list is a favorite amongst people who love minimal living — multifunctional furniture pieces! These not only save space and make tiny homes look spacious, but they also keep it light on the pocket.

From a sofa bed to an ottoman with hidden storage compartments, there are plenty of options to choose from. Accessories that double as decor (such as throw blankets hanging from a blanket ladder in your living room) are also counted in this category. 

Add To The Grace Of Your Small Space!

With our list of 6 superb space-savvy ideas for tiny homes coming to a wrap, we hope we inspired you to utilize your little space to make it feel great! Remember, home design and decor isn’t a chore — it should be fun, yielding results that make even the smallest of homes feel spacious and cozy!

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