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Trailer Made Custom Trailers

We are the nation's largest and most experienced manufacturer of ADU and tiny house components, kits, and complete homes. We engineer all of our products and guarantee them for your lifetime! The #tinyhouseexperts have more combined experience than any other company that services they tiny house on wheels home industry.


Our team has a lot of experience that allows us to serve our customers well. We have a strong history of dedication and passion that helps us provide our customers with the highest quality services available. Our team is proud to serve our customers and make sure that their needs are always met. Whether you are interested in tiny homes trailers, delivery, contracting, steel frame tiny house kits, or the custom-made trailers we sell, our manufacturers and builders are going to work hard to give you the product you are envisioning. At Trailer Made, we have a variety of tiny home building partners that we are very proud to collaborate with on a regular basis. Some of the partners that our tiny house trailer manufacturers pair with are: Tiny House Nation, Thimble Homes, Rooted Tiny Homes, and Warrior Homesteads. Our partners help give us the ability to provide such excellent service to our customers and we are grateful to have their support.

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