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Pacific Coast ADU


We are the ADU guys. Specializing in accessory dwelling units has allowed us to become experts on the design and permitting process of small spaces. We will utilize every inch of building space while taking our clients through where they can save money, and where it might make sense to spend a little bit more.

Pacific Coast ADU will also take your project to your desired completion point. We have partnered with a group of preferred contractors, allowing our clients to choose experienced ADU builders to complete their projects. If you have a contractor you currently work with, great! We can get you through design and permitting in order to provide your builder with a set of ready to build plans.

California needs housing, period. We fully support and believe in this effort to provide additional units. ADUs are a simple, cost efficient way to ease our current housing shortage.

Pacific Coast ADU believes in simplicity. Do one thing, do it well.

We have taken our 30 years experience in custom home building, renovation and design, and focused on making versatile, efficient backyard homes. Your ADU project will be taken from concept to to your desired point of completion with our experienced team tending to every step along the way.

Dedicating our time and energy to the nuanced world of accessory dwelling units allows us to be efficient with our time and yours. We know how to maximize your return on investment and get through the permitting process as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

We truly believe accessory dwelling units have the ability to positively impact our California communities. For homeowners, for investors, for neighborhoods, ADUs make sense.

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