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Orbit Homes

ORBIT HOMES was born a decade ago when we began researching and sourcing technologies and materials to develop islands and remote rural destinations. We scouted the planet looking for solutions for locations without access to the grid, where infrastructure is not available and it is hard and expensive to deliver building materials.

As a Malibu-based company, after the Woolsey fire took the homes of some of our closest friends, our ORBIT HOMES team saw first hand the impact the fires had on the lives of so many community members.

With many friends and neighbors fighting insurance companies and living in uncomfortable situations, we asked the inevitable question: How could we easily get people back to their land while their homes are being rebuilt?

We repurposed our brand’s intention and created nine contemporary models varying from 480 sq. ft to 2,300 sq. ft, from one bedroom to four bedroom homes. These models answer the two immediate challenges California is facing: Adding affordable rental housing units and, in some cities, getting residents back on their land.

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