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“So basically, we rent your backyard and put a house back there. 30 years later, it’s yours.”— Mark Malan - Founder of Instahome

  • Putting a home in your backyard increases property value by turning your backyard into a rental income generator.
  • You’re paid every month whether the unit is vacant or not.At the end of the term, the unit is yours -  free and clear.
  • It’s time to turn your backyard into an income generating assetIt’s time to turn your backyard into an income generating asset

What’s the catch? Why do we rent backyards?

In short, we make money off renting the space once we’ve put a home back there. California government has made it clear that we are in need of housing, desperately. This need led to an improved ADU (accessory dwelling unit) law; it basically means it’s easier than ever to get a second house/back house put in your backyard: legally speaking. It is still really hard to afford to put a unit back there, with prices soaring past six figures. Our idea is to use our capital to get these units installed. We’re called Instahome because we install units quickly, very quickly.

We build all of our units off-site and once they are complete we crane them into the backyard. This means you don’t spend months listening to loud construction in your backyard. We are quick and we are respectful. We understand that this may be confusing, after all we are innovators. Don’t hesitate to check out our FAQ for more great information!

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