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aux box

Delivered to your backyard. Installed in one day.

aux box was born in 2018 when two builders noticed an opportunity to create auxiliary spaces that could be added to a residential setting without the need for a permit. We’ve since grown into a thriving and diversely skilled team that’s committed to disrupting the modular home industry by providing an assortment of beautiful, prefabricated spaces that have been installed in a variety of settings—from laneway spaces in metropolitan cities, to the remote corners of the North American wilderness.

Our process

Whether you choose the 97 square foot auxffice or the new 240 square foot living space, your aux box is prepared off site in a controlled environment and delivered to you, sparing you the inconvenience and mess of traditional on-site building processes. Best of all, it’s installed in just one day with minimal impact to the environment or landscape. Our proprietary foundation system allows us to provide everything you need at once, so you can enjoy your unit later that same day.

Modern modular construction

Modular construction allows us to deliver a finished product, on time and on budget. Less waste of both materials and time, translates to savings for you—not to mention a more environmentally friendly product.

Non disruptive foundation

We recommend using engineered metal screw piles for your foundation because they’re fast, minimal, strong, and affordable. By using just 6 load points, we can avoid all the mess that comes with traditional concrete foundation; no footings, no walls, no rebar, and most importantly, no fuss.

We install the screws into the ground, level the top and place and connect your aux box onto them. If necessary, the foundations can be also easily removed with no permanent damage to the landscape.

Best of all the foundation is completed in 1 day. It’s as convenient as that.

For more information please go to the aux box website.

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